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10th. Kyu

White Belt

No matter what age you are, have confidence in wearing the white belt, it shows your willingness to learn and progress as well as informing other grades of your ability so they understand what level you are at. Usually 3-4 months of training is required before you are allowed to progress to the next rank - 

White belt minumum requirements

The white belt can be worn once accepted by your instructor and although there are no gradings required first before being allowed to wear this belt, remember as a Karate student - you must repect the Karate Etiquette as well as the World Sansei Philosophy.

• Bow upon entering and exiting the dojo.

• Be prepared before entering the dojo, have a clean white gi on, with your belt tied.

• Be prepared mentally and physically.

• Be punctual, if late for class, wait in seiza at the back of the class and wait for permission to enter.

• If you need to leave early, let the instructor know before class.

• Notify your instructor of any medical condition or injury.

• Keep toe and fingernails short and clean.

• Show respect to your sempai (senior), one another and your dojo.

• Respond quickly to your place or duty, do not keep the class waiting for you.

• Always bow before and after partner drills.

• Avoid lengthy questions during class. Think them out first and then ask the instructor after class.

• Refrain from disrespect by turning when adjusting gi, belt, sneezing, coughing, or yawning.

• If you are watching a class, clinic, grading or tournament, sit quietly at the back and do not talk, eat, read or move around.

• Students are expected to remain throughout an event, just like a regular class.

• No leaning against walls or placing hands on your hips.

• Arms are always to the side behind or folded in front.

• Always try your best, show strong spirit and enthusiasm.

• Train safely and smartly.

• Do not harm or injure one another.

• Notify the instructor if you will be gone for a long period of time.

• Enjoy your practice of Karate-do, remember, you will get out of karate what you put into it.


  1. Kihon:

Standing Basics

1.1    Zuki:

  • Oi Zuki                                 Single Punch
  • Nihon Zuki                            Two Punches                              
  • Sanbon Zuki                         Three Punches
  • Tate Zuki                               Vertical Punch
  • Ura Zuki                                 Horizontal Short Punch
  • Fura Zuki                               Punch with wrist bent to the inside


1.2    Uke:

  • Age Uke                                 Rising block / Block for the face
  • Utche Uke                              Block for the stomach
  • Soto Uke                                Block from the shoulder across body
  • Gedan Berai                          Downward block
  • Teisho Uke                            Open hand pushing block
  • Kake Uke                               Open hand block, Hand facing up
  • Hike Uke                                Grabbing Block


1.3    Geri:

  • Hiza Geri                                Kick with the knee
  • Kin Geri                                  Groin kick
  • Mae Geri                                Forward kick
  • Mawashi Geri                        Roundhouse Kick
  • Yoko Geri                              Side Kick


  1. Knowledge:

  • Style Information
  • Counting 1 to 10
  • Instructors information
  • Japanese Terminology

  1. Kata:

  • Dachi Kata

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