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Atemi Waza

Classification of striking techniques

Atemi waza are methods of striking an opponent, and the two major groups are strikes using the arm or hand, and those using the legs.

The ude ate (strikes using the arm) are subdivided into yubisaki ate (fingertip strikes), Kobushi ate (punches), tegatana ate (knife-hand strikes) and hiji ate (elbow strikes).

The ashi ate (strikes using the legs) are subdivided into hizagashira ate (knee strikes), sekito ate (kicks using the ball of the foot) and kakato ate (kicks using the heel).

Atemi waza

Ude ate

Yubisaki ate

Tsuki dashi, Ryogan tsuki, Suri age

Kobushi ate

Naname ate, Yoko ate, Ue ate, Tsuki age, Shita tsuki, Ushiro tsuki, Ushiro sumi tsuki, Tsuki kake, yoko uchi, Ushiro uchi, Ushiro oshi

Tegatana ate

Kiri oroshi, Naname uchi

Hiji ate

Ushiro ate

Ashi ate

Hizagashira ate

Mae ate

Sekito ate

Nanamegeri, Maegeri, Takageri

Kakato ate

Ushirogeri, Yokogeri, Ashi fumi

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