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Dan Grades


Sho dan-Ho, Intermediate first degree Black Belt (Period of probation)

1st Dan Shodan, First degree Black Belt (That of the "Student")

2nd Dan Ni dan, Second degree Black Belt (The title of "Disciple")

3rd Dan San Dan, Third degree Black Belt ("Confirmed Disciple")

4th Dan Yo Dan, Fourth degree Black Belt ("Expert"), Renshi

5th Dan Go Dan, Fifth degree Black Belt ("Spiritual Expert"), Renshi

6th Dan Ruku Dan, Sixth degree Black Belt ("Spiritual Expert"), Shihan

7th Dan Shichi Dan, Seventh degree Black Belt, Kyoshi

8th Dan Hachi Dan, Eighth degree Black Belt, Kyoshi

9th Dan Ku Dan, Ninth degree Black Belt,  Hanshi

10th Dan Ju Dan, Tenth degree Black Belt, Hanshi 

Sho Dan - 1st Dan – 3 to 4 years training.

Ni Dan - 2nd Dan – 4 to 6 years training.

San Dan - 3rd Dan – 9 years training.

Yon Dan - 4th Dan – 13 years training.

Go Dan - 5th Dan – 18 years training.

Roku Dan - 6th Dan – 20 to 24 years training/Teaching

Schichi Dan - 7th Dan – 29 years training/Teaching

Hachi Dan - 8th Dan – 35 to 39 years training/Teaching

Ku Dan - 9th Dan – 40 years plus training/Teaching

Ju Dan - 10th Dan – 40 years plus training/Teaching


RENSHI : "A person who has mastered oneself".

This person is considered an expert instructor. Renshi are no longer one of the many and is usually given at Yo Dan (4th Dan) or Go Dan (5th Dan).  Time for a Renshi to be over 35 years old before this title is ever conferred upon them.

KYOSHI : "Knowledgeable person".

Usually this title is conferred at Roku Dan (6th Dan) or Shichi Dan (7th Dan).  Time  for a Kyoshi to be over 45 years old before this title is ever conferred upon them.


HANSHI : "Master".

A title given to the oldest and most senior black belt, usually the head of an individual karate organization, someone who has studied the art of karate for most of their lifetime.










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