"A tree reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed."

Kata Questions

Questions when performing Kata

Before Kata

1.     Do I comprehend the Kata?

2.     How do I feel?

3.     Am I completely free from reflection?

4.     Is my body and mind tranquil?

5.     Am I convinced of my Kata?

6.     What is the intention?

7.     What am I doing here?

8.     Where will my breath come from?

9.     Repeat to yourself: “I know and I will do the Kata well.”

During Kata

1.     Is it polished and smooth?

2.     Does it flow (like a river)?

3.     Is it strong, and where is my strength?

4.     Where are my gentle movements?

5.     Are my movements defined and vigor?

6.     Are my movements precisely ended?

7.     Where is my breath?

8.     Is my body ½ full air?

9.     Where is my tension?

10.    Are my feet gliding and silent?

11.   Where is my San-chin (experience of utter tension and relaxation)?

12.   Where is my speed?

13.  Where is my Kiai?

14. Where is my own sound and character?

15.  Where is my facial expression?

16.    Are my movements soft and hard then soft again?

17.     If I see nothing I can see everything?

After  Kata


1.     What occurred within me during movement?

2.     Am I completely satisfied?

3.     Where did my movements come from?

4.     Am I calm? How do I feel now?

5.     What will I do now?

6.     Say to yourself: “I did the Kata well!”



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