"A tree reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed."

(Copyright TXu1-729-032)

The “Crane” is our symbol, which represents simplicity, beauty, nature, character and the essence of life; it characterizes the goodness that our organization represents by our membership, and our commitment to family and community involvement.

As a Taoist representation it's yang side also represents its dynamic striking ability, smooth, flowing, lighting fast, effortless, with unyielding, unforgiving accuracy

The red interior represents health, strength, physical energy, passion, courage, protection. The color of the element of Fire, Red is associated with blood (and thus, life and death), and intense emotions.

The black outline represents the banishing of negativity.

The white represents Protection and Purification. The symbol is a reminder of natural law, the order of life and the wisdom you need to live it.      

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